梦想Q&A Dreams Q&A with Young Dreamers

• iNCH Chua 蔡昀娟
Jerrold Chong 曾源培
Rebecca Wong (Becky) 黄沛贤
Sugie Phua潘嗣敬 (Moderator)

Q: What is the similarity between a singer-songwriter, an animator and a lawyer-to-be with a keen interest in social causes?
A: They are dreamers!

What inspired these young people to trod the path less chosen? What have they given up along the way? If you’re curious to find out, or hope to be inspired to chase your dreams, come join in the conversation at the Dreams Q&A!



About the Speakers关于嘉宾

iNCH Chua蔡昀娟

Fitting iNCH into a caricature of her namesake would be a misnomer. Always surprising people with her breadth of musicianship and depth of personality, iNCH is never afraid to venture into the discomforting umbra of artistry to push her own limits and challenge popular perceptions. One can imagine her as a musical nomad with the spirit animal of a mouse deer — endangered, private and mysterious, yet when revealed is honest and vulnerable — a contradiction of meekness and artfulness. Such unpredictability makes this pint-sized Singaporean singer-songwriter all the more an exciting paradox to embark on a musical adventure with.

Jerrold Chong 曾源培

Director/animator Jerrold Chong graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). An avid lover of cinema, he is fascinated by the power of animated cinema as abstract visual metaphor and is driven by a desire to tell sincere stories that examines the depths of everyday life and the complexities of the human experience. His films have screened at numerous international film festivals, including the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol, Animatricks Animation Festival in Helsinski, Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo, Singapore International Film Festival, Bucheon International Animation Festival in Korea. In 2015, his film “Nascent” was awarded the Best Animation Award at Singapore Short Film Awards. He partipated in the SGIFF Film Lab in 2016, and hopes to write and direct an animated feature film in the future. www.jerroldchong.com

Rebecca Wong (Becky) 黄沛贤 .

An aspiring lawyer-in-training, Rebecca has a keen interest in social causes and firmly believes in the importance of serving one’s community regardless of vocation. She has worked with several NGOs such as the Singapore Committee for UN Women and FoodCycle in London. She is especially passionate about women’s issues and currently works with the Sexual Assault Care Centre as their legal volunteer.


Sugie Phua 潘嗣敬 (Moderator)

Young and vibrant Sugie was one of the male finalists for Project Superstar, Channel U’s mammoth singing contest where he was an audience favourite. Sugie’s talent in singing was once again determined when he became the top 7 in international singing competition One Million Star. Sugie is not only well-versed in the art of singing; he is also talented in hosting and acting. In recent years, he has been very involved in local theatre, performing in pieces like Liao Zhai Rocks!, Lao Jiu: The Musical, Glass Anatomy, Monkey Goes West and the recent December Rains.

Session will be conducted in English and Mandarin. 对话将以英语和华语进行。

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Sat Apr 1, 2017
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